Lent reflections and meditations

I am offering a series of meditations for the four weeks before Easter. The whole inspiration was given to me in prayer as I was flying to Colorado with my wife Melisa to my son’s college graduation last May. When I fly, I pray and meditate. This is when the Spirit communicated these words to share to all.  -Daniel Lacroix

Week 3

“There is no more need for the past and the power of this present moment brings us the trust, hope, love, and the light we need to experience the mystery of tomorrow.  What would life be  if we knew tomorrow? What would be the world if we knew the future? We would miss the most important of the purpose of our existence: Creation. So why do you live with your past like a bunch of heavy stones in a heavy backpack that you carry so preciously through your existence. Let it go. Say: ” Father, Mother, Jesus I am not strong enough, I am so tired. I surrender to you all that I carry, all my past. I want to live now for tomorrow. Bless me, Heal me, I will serve you, I will create and share your Love.” 

Spend some time each day this week to wake up a little earlier, and breathe and take care of you. Pray and meditate on those words. And go into the world to share the blessings of Love, Peace, Joy, and Light to someone who needs it. You will know, they will come to you as they will see Jesus in you.

Week 2

Rise and sing, rise and breathe, rise and share, rise and live, live for you so you can share the strength that has been given to you. To receive is not a selfish action, if you share those gifts to humanity. Ask yourself: Who am I if I only live for myself without sharing my gifts? Who would I become if I only live for myself? An illusion of joy and hope, an illusion of strength and power. An illusion of an oasis in the spiritual drought of the world today. When we live by Him, with Him and for Him, all becomes true in the past, the present and the future. Dreams become visions and visions realities.

Week 1

“If we could be fully aware of who we truly, really are. It is beyond any comprehensive understanding of our human awareness here on this plane. Our Divine Father and Mother are always with us. Our Lord Jesus is always present with us. The Holy Spirit come within us for every breath we give and offer in the name of the Father.

Each breath on the name of the Trinity is another breath of Hope, Love, Light, and Peace for the survival and well-being of humanity. Every breath, every tears, every cry, every smile, every listening and touch on the name of the one who came to us to teach us through his humility and love, is a true healing for our own soul and the souls of the one who reach out to us.

We are to wake up, we are to trust and let go of the ego as we learn our lessons of life. We are to offer our love as he has offer it to us.”

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