Good Shepherd Vestry Times August, 2015


August 14, 2015

Welcome to the July/August edition of the Vestry Times, a news blast designed to keep you updated on the workings of your Vestry. Here are some highlights from our last meeting.

 Shara Erdel will serve as Secretary for the Vestry for the remainder of 2015. Thank you Shara! At press time, we were still attempting to fill the vacant seat on the Vestry.

The Audit Committee of Amy Santangelo, Jerry Broadwater and John Sant has completed the audit for 2014. The Committee recommended a “rolling” quarterly audit for 2015 and Amy, Jerry and John also offered to serve on the 2015 Audit Committee. This approach will have the advantage of incorporating recommendations by the Committee earlier, and spreading the workload throughout the year rather than completing the entire audit in the second quarter. The Vestry adopted this recommendation and voted to appoint all three 2014 members to the Audit Committee for 2015. We wish to thank them for their continued service!

Greg Pierce has agreed to work with our Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer (Joanne Owen and Barry Schenck, respectively) this fall with the idea that he would be in a position to stand for election as Treasurer at the Vestry Meeting following our next Annual Meeting.

This year we have added two groups who are renting space on weeknights (The Russian American School and West County Strings). Our Parish Administrator is the main contact with all renters. We are in the process of updating our rental agreement to clarify our expectations of people who rent space. Through July our rental income is 50% more than expected on a year-to-date basis. While the rental income is helpful, it is very important that both renters and parishioners clean up after using rooms or our grounds, and report anything that needs attention to the Junior Warden.

Financial snapshot (in dollars):

YTD through July 31                Actual                Budget              Variance

Contributions                             71,647               67,669              3,978

Other Income                             14,106                12,850              1,256

Total Income                             85,753              80,519             5,234

Expenses                                     112,240            112,966                (726)

Net Cash Flow                          (26,487)           (32,447)           5,960

Please note that even though we are doing better than budget, we still expect a significant cash-flow deficit for 2015.

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