Fall 2012 Stewardship Campaign







All that we have….

God has richly blessed us at Good Shepherd.  We have a lovely worship space surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds.  We have a parish hall that allows us to enjoy fellowship and a vibrant church life.  We have classrooms that allow us to meet with our youth and one another as we grow into our Christian faith. We have a wonderfully rich Anglican tradition that guides us into a meaningful relationship with our God.


All that we are…

We are a family of committed and talented parishioners dedicated to rebuilding a church and serving the community for the glory of God.  We are growing in faith and in numbers at Good Shepherd.  We are tending the gardens, baking communion bread, singing in the choir, hosting a luau, leading Christian formation classes, supporting our youth, serving at the Peace Meal, participating in mission work…and so much more.  We are many hands working together to create a community of faith. We are a Christian family, supporting each other through the successes and challenges life brings.

After we say…  WE BELIEVE!

We believe we are greatly blessed at the Church of the Good Shepherd.  We are a community who knows Jesus Christ and makes Him known.  We also believe our influence can go beyond our church walls.  We have already reached the youth in a detention center, the hungry within our city, and children in Nicaragua.  We anticipate a future that glorifies and strengthens our relationship with each other and with those in need of Christian ministry. Now is the time to renew our financial commitment to the Church of the Good Shepherd, so that this good work can continue and increase.

 Members of the Stewardship Committee will be calling you to see if we can personally drop off your commitment card to your home, at your convenience. We would love to hear any new ideas, suggestions, or concerns you have about OUR parish! If you would prefer that we mail your card to you, just let us know when we call. Commitment Sunday is November 11, 2012.

Peace and blessings,

Your 2012 Stewardship Team