Below are just some of the many ways to become more involved in the life of the parish…

Adult Choir

All adults are welcome! Our adult choir currently meets on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. for rehearsal, and warms up before the service at 8:30 a.m. on Sundays. We sing most Sundays from September through June, for special services, and occasionally during the summer.

We’d love to have you join our group! Contact our choirmaster, Bobbi Reese, for more information. Bobbi can be reached at

Vocal and Instrumental Soloists

The congregation enjoys the sharing of these gifts. Contact our choirmaster for more information.

Acolytes, crucifers, and bookbearers

The younger members of our congregation are encouraged to participate in our services as acolytes, who assist in the service of the table; crucifers, who carry the cross in processions; or bookbearers, who process with the Gospel book.

Altar Guild

These dedicated individuals help to create the lovely atmosphere of worship by attending to the preparation of the worship space. Their attention to a rich visual and aesthetically pleasing experience is seen in the faces of our worshipers. We are grateful to all who assist in this vital ministry .

Bread Bakers Ministry

Bread is lovingly provided for the Eucharistic by members of the congregation. Volunteers for each Sunday sign up in advance.

Christian Education

Our church’s mission is to share a place of fellowship where our hearts meet God’s light. In our adult classes, we strive to better understand God’s illuminating path in our lives through studies that reach our hearts and guide our minds closer to God. We hold a variety of Adult Formation activities during the year, at 9 a.m. on Sundays.  You can find more information under the “Sundays at COGS” tab.

Because we are a family-sized congregation, we mostly incorporate our youngsters in the life of the parish, as a loving extended family.  At regular intervals we hold “Family Fun and Formation” gatherings.  We also sponsor a Vacation Bible School in the summer.  When we have activities, we assure that preschool, grade school, and our junior high/ high school students engage in the same process with age-appropriate materials through guidance by dedicated and caring adult leadership.  The diocesan Youth Ministry coordinator also holds many fun activities throughout the year, from outdoor movie nights to lock-ins at the Cathedral to neighborhood Christmas caroling. All Junior High and High School students are welcome to join in any of these activities.

Hospitality & Coffee Hour

Our coffee hour is one of our highlights! The family-like atmosphere embraces the newcomer and member alike. Our home-baked snack makers are some of the BEST in St. Louis, and they always share their “sweet” nature in more ways than one! AND, Good Shepherd has introduced its own coffee brand.  We are currently serving Good Shepherd brand Rwanda A Inzovu (regular) and Good Shepherd brand Decaf Costa Rica!  You can also purchase some to take home with you!

We not only invite, but we encourage worshipers to join us after the Sunday service for some time of fellowship and friendship as we grow as a community caring for one another.

Shepherd Farms

Do you like to garden?  We have a dedicated group of gardeners who grow a tremendous amount of produce–well over a ton!–in our garden.  Much of our food goes to the Peace Meal, served every Saturday at St. John’s–Tower Grove, the food pantry at Circle of Concern in Valley Park, and the food pantry at Trinity-Central West End.  In 2017, we also took advantage of our interim pastor’s weekly commute back and forth to Kirksville, MO and sent produce with her to Pantry for Adair County, which serves a rural food desert.  You can find our gardeners working most Saturday mornings during the growing season–or working on projects to prepare for the next growing season during the winter!

Lay Readers/Chalice Bearers

Lay reading/Chalice bearing is a special ministry within the worship service. These talented volunteers assist the worship by reading the scripture lessons  and assisting in the administration of Holy Communion by serving the consecrated wine. We provide training annually to those who assist us in this important ministry.


Teams of laypersons offer their time and talents in the hospitality ministry of our church, assuring that all are welcome and feel the warm embrace of friendship as they approach our church and our services.