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Changing lives one cup at a time.©


Single origin coffee available in regular and decaf.

Single origin coffee is one type of bean from one area of one farm (also called a microlot) roasted one way. This will insure that you get the very best coffee from us, every time!

To start your day off right and to keep your internal motor running, try:

Rwanda A Inzovu

We describe it is “a medium dark roast that is well balanced and aromatic with smooth body and undertones of orange and vanilla”. In lay person’s terms,…your palette will tell you it is the smoothest, best tasting (as in knock your socks off) coffee ever to grace your mouth.
It will make you smile. You will want a second cup.

$15.00 / 12 oz

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And we offer decaf, too!

Decaf Costa Rica

For the times you do not need or want caffeine – no excuse for staying up late now!
We don’t think you will have ever tasted a better, smoother or more well-rounded decaf. You will scratch your head and ask, “are you sure this is decaf?’ Yes, we are sure.
We describe it as:
“a medium roast that is mild and sweet with vibrant undertones of tropical fruit”.

$15.00 / 12 oz

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©Changing lives one cup at a time.

Your purchase today is helping us achieve our long-term outreach goals to:
1) further our evangelism and,
2) provide us with a resource tool for community outreach.

We thank you in advance for helping us achieve our mission.
Thank you for purchasing Good Shepherd brand coffee today!